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Roma Casino Limerick

Roma Casino Limerick

Roma Casino Limerick is a prominent gaming arcade and casino located on William Street in Limerick, Ireland. This luxurious establishment attracts tourists and locals alike, offering top-quality gaming experiences and a vibrant atmosphere. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about Roma Casino Limerick, from its history and location to the games available and customer reviews.

Location and Contact Information

Roma Casino Limerick is situated at 39 William Street, Limerick, County Limerick V94 E091, Ireland. The casino is conveniently located in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible for visitors and locals alike.

Address: 39 William Street, Limerick, County Limerick V94 E091, Ireland

Phone: +353 61 596 864

Email: info@romacasino.ie

Website: http://romacasino.ie/

Opening Hours

Roma Casino Limerick operates from 8:30 AM to 2:00 AM daily, providing ample time for visitors to enjoy the various gaming options and amenities available.

Monday: 08:30 - 02:00

Tuesday: 08:30 - 02:00

Wednesday: 08:30 - 02:00

Thursday: 08:30 - 02:00

Friday: 08:30 - 02:00

Entrance Requirements

Guests must be at least 18 years old to enter Roma Casino Limerick. There is no formal dress code, but patrons are expected to be neatly dressed while visiting the establishment.

Gaming Options

Roma Casino Limerick offers a wide range of gaming options, including slot machines, poker machines, and casino machines. Some of the popular games available include Blackjack, Roulette, Novamatic, and more. The casino also features fruit, multi-game, and poker machines for patrons to enjoy.

Daily Spin Wheel

Roma Casino Limerick offers a daily spin wheel, which occurs five times per day with a prize of up to €100. This exciting feature provides patrons with additional opportunities to win big while enjoying their gaming experience at the casino.


While playing at Roma Casino Limerick, guests are treated to complimentary teas, coffees, and other refreshments. This added touch of hospitality ensures that patrons can fully enjoy their gaming experience in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Recent Renovations and Updates

In recent years, Roma Casino Limerick has undergone significant renovations to enhance the overall gaming experience for its patrons. The establishment now boasts modern slot and multi-game machines, as well as a few surprise new additions. The revamped gaming arcade now provides an even more enjoyable and luxurious atmosphere for visitors.

Customer Reviews

Although there are currently no reviews available for Roma Casino Limerick, the establishment's commitment to providing top-quality gaming experiences and exceptional customer service suggests that patrons have an enjoyable time at the casino.

Nearby Attractions and Amenities

Roma Casino Limerick is located in a prime area, with numerous attractions and amenities nearby for visitors to explore. Some popular spots close to the casino include:

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Limerick: A Touristic Destination

Limerick is the third-largest city in Ireland and a popular tourist destination. Located on the shores of the Shannon River, the city offers a wealth of activities for visitors to enjoy, including boating, golfing, Gaelic sports, and kayaking. Limerick is also rich in cultural heritage, with numerous historic monuments such as St. John's Castle, St. Mary's Cathedral, and the University of Limerick. The city also boasts beautiful natural spaces, including the People's Park and Curraghchase Forest Park, which provide a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for visitors.

Payment Methods

Roma Casino Limerick accepts Cash, Visa, and Mastercard as payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. The casino operates using the Euro (EUR) currency.

Owner Information

Roma Casino Limerick is owned and operated by Roma Casino.

Additional Information

For more news and updates about Roma Casino Limerick, including special offers and promotions, guests can visit the casino's official website or follow their social media pages.

In conclusion, Roma Casino Limerick is an exciting and luxurious gaming destination for both tourists and locals alike. With a wide range of gaming options, top-quality amenities, and a welcoming atmosphere, Roma Casino Limerick is the perfect place for a fun and enjoyable gaming experience in the heart of Limerick, Ireland.