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Fitzpatrick Tallaght Casino & Hotel

Fitzpatrick Tallaght Casino & Hotel

Fitzpatrick Tallaght Casino & Hotel is an exceptional gaming and entertainment destination located in the heart of Tallaght, Leinster, Ireland. Open daily from 11 am until close, the casino provides an extensive range of gaming options, first-class amenities, and unparalleled customer service. This article will give you an in-depth look at the Fitzpatrick Tallaght Casino & Hotel, so you can make the most of your visit.

Location and Accessibility

The casino is situated within the Plaza Hotel Complex on Belgard Road, Tallaght, Leinster 24, Ireland. Being part of a four-star establishment, it offers a sophisticated and comfortable environment for guests. The central location makes it easily accessible for visitors, as it is close to shopping centers, parks, and public transportation options.

Public Transportation

The casino is conveniently located near multiple public transportation options. The Light Rail stops at several places close to the casino, with the main Tallaght Light Rail Station just on the other side of the shopping center. The Hospital stop is also a ten-minute walk away. Additionally, there are numerous bus stops in proximity to the casino, with the Square / Tallaght being the closest.

Gaming Options

The 3,500 square foot gaming space at Fitzpatrick Tallaght Casino & Hotel features 107 state-of-the-art gaming machines, ensuring a thrilling experience for all visitors. The casino focuses primarily on slot machines and electronic gaming devices, which come from renowned manufacturers. Along with traditional games like Roulette, guests can expect a diverse and exciting gaming experience.

Slot Machines

The casino offers an extensive selection of slot machines, including traditional reel, video reel, and video poker options. These machines are sourced from top gaming manufacturers in America and Europe, ensuring an entertaining and cutting-edge experience for guests. With numerous machines available, you'll find plenty of options to suit your gaming preferences.

Electronic Roulette

Fitzpatrick Tallaght Casino & Hotel also features an electronic roulette machine. The wheel and ball are real, but bets are placed on a computerized screen, offering a comfortable and convenient gaming experience. Guests can enjoy the classic roulette experience with the added ease of electronic betting.

Other Games

Although the casino primarily focuses on slot machines and electronic gaming, there are other gaming options available. One such game is the Wheel of Fortune, where guests can spin the wheel for a chance to win a prize. While it may not be the primary reason for visiting the casino, it adds an element of excitement to the overall gaming experience.


Fitzpatrick Tallaght Casino & Hotel does not offer poker games, which may be a drawback for some visitors. However, the casino's wide range of gaming machines and electronic games ensures there is still plenty to enjoy during your visit.

Membership and Player Rewards

To get the most out of your visit to Fitzpatrick Casino, it is recommended to become a member. Membership allows you to participate in special events, enter competitions to win money, and join the casino's loyalty scheme. Simply bring valid ID, such as a driving license or passport, along with a recent utility bill to the casino, and they will handle the rest.

Loyalty Scheme

The Fitzpatrick Casino Group offers a Loyalty Scheme for its members. Each time you visit and gamble, you accumulate points that can be redeemed for various rewards. Ask at the reception for more details on the Loyalty Scheme and how to make the most of your membership.

Hotel Accommodations

The Plaza Hotel, located next to the casino, offers comfortable accommodations for visitors. The four-star hotel provides a convenient and luxurious stay for guests who want to enjoy the casino's gaming options and entertainment.

Dining and Refreshments

Fitzpatrick Tallaght Casino & Hotel does not have a dedicated restaurant or bar. However, visitors won't go hungry during their visit, as vending machines are available throughout the casino, and a small kitchenette provides coffee and tea-making facilities.

Additionally, guests at the Tallaght branch can enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks during their visit, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Nearby Attractions

The casino's central location in Tallaght provides easy access to various attractions and activities. Nearby attractions include the JP Poker & The Village Green Card Club Dublin, Colossus Casino Dublin, Macau Casino Club Dublin, Sporting Emporium Casino Dublin, and Amusement City Casino Dublin.

Tallaght is also home to several cultural and historical sites, such as the Civic Theatre, Tallaght Stadium, and the home of Shamrock Rovers Football Club. With its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, Tallaght is a must-visit destination for travelers.

Responsible Gaming

Fitzpatrick Tallaght Casino & Hotel is committed to promoting responsible gaming. Visitors must ensure they meet all age and regulatory requirements before entering the casino or placing a wager. It is your responsibility to determine the legality of playing any particular games or placing any specific bets.

Please remember to play responsibly and enjoy your visit to Fitzpatrick Tallaght Casino & Hotel.